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Trivia Game Tutorial Series using Tumult Hype

Just finished putting together a series of videos on how to create a Trivia Game with Tumult Hype. Please check it out the actual game at while instructions to create and customize it can be found at Please share any modifications you make on Twitter with the hashtags #DarrensCorner and #HypeTriviaGame

Retro Typography Exercise – Wargames

Emulating/Animating a 1980’s computer terminal is harder than I thought. wargames @hypeapp #ReadyPlayerOne #DarrensCorner

Retro Game Design Video From Tumult Hype Conference

Just last week, I received the video of my presentation at the Tumult Hype Conference on Retro Game Design. Think I did a pretty good job of not using too many “ums” and “ers”.

Hype Conference 2016

Just got back from a weekend conference on Tumult Hype where I was both a speaker and a panelist. Had an amazing time and talked about “Retro Game Development in Tumult Hype”. Met an incredibly talented guy named Andy McNally who summarized each speakers presentation with a one page sketch. Check out his work on…

Simon Says – Simple Game with High Score Board

Just wrapped up a simple version of the 80s electronic game SIMON. Had a fun time with the graphics and the sound. Generated all the audio using this useful website: Also implemented a Server Side High Score board using just PHP with no MySQL database. Enjoy!

Integrating PHP into Tumult Hype

I just created a series of 5 short video tutorials on how to integrate PHP into Tumult Hype using XAMPP. Please check out the YouTube Playlist. In Part 1, I show how to set up XAMPP in a Mac environment. In Part 2, I demonstrate the basics of reading and writing a text file in…

Tutorial on Tumult Hype Custom Preloaders

Just added a new tutorial video on how to create custom preloaders in Hype. Check it out below and also let me know if you find the Easter Egg in Adventure!

Special Topics – Spring 2016

For the Spring 2016 Semester, I’ve been teaching a Special Topics course to test out some of the Javascript based games. Check out the link below to see examples of student work.   Special Topics – Spring 2016 – Student Work