During my teaching career at Saint Paul College, I’ve had the opportunity to teach a variety of classes in both the Computer Science and Digital Graphics/Multimedia departments. While I’ve enjoyed all of them, I’ve found that I’ve had a real passion in the areas of Interactive Web Design with Javascript and in 3D Animation and Modeling.


I’ve been using Hype by Tumult Software in the classroom since 2013 and it has proven to be a powerful tool for animation and user interactivity. It’s low cost, intuitive interface and easy integration of Javascript make it, in my opinion, superior so Adobe Edge and other HTML web animation tools which have emerged in recent years to replace Flash and ActionScript as the dominant tools in this area.


In 2012 I was tasked with adding a 3D animation certificate option for the Saint Paul College Digital Graphics program. After testing out 3DS Max and other industry 3D design and animation software, I decided to build our 3D coursework around the open source software tool Blender. Students have created amazing work using this tool and, in the age of rising tuition costs, greatly appreciated the adoption of an open source solution for 3D animation. I’ve also had the privilege of attending multiple SIGGRAPH conferences and sharing my experiences of utilizing Blender in an classroom environment with other Blender users, including many of the prominent users and developers in the Blender community.


For my Masters Degree Capstone Project in Technical Communications from Metropolitan State University, I decided to create my own custom usability test in 3D Web Technology. Having recent read the “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” article by Marc Prensky as a part of my degree course work, I decided to see how Baby Boomers and Millennials differed when exploring the new world of 3D Web Technology.


My resume in both HTML and PDF formats.