Darren Pearson Headshot

Since 2001, I’ve been teaching at the college level in the areas of Web Design and Computer Graphics. In recent years, I’ve become very excited about the areas of interactive web design and 3D modeling/animation and how they can be integrated together. The capstone project for my Master’s degree from Metropolitan State University explored how various 3D models can be integrated into dynamic webpages, and also explored the best usability practices for new users learning to manipulate this technology.

Besides 3D modeling, I’ve recently been developing coursework for 2D animation and gaming using the Hype software package by Tumult Software. My primary focus has been recreating classic 2D video games from platforms such as the Atari 2600 and original Nintendo Entertainment System using Hype and Javascript. I’m currently in the process of developing a series of video tutorials to teach others how to create their own custom games, in order to teach the fundamentals of programming, graphics, web design and usability.